Heuer cycling articles

Heuer cycling articles

The HEUER Cycling products are based on our many years of experience in the manufacture of Precision parts. We have specialized in CNC metalworking. Our core competence is the production of twisted and milled parts made of steel and non-ferrous metals. With our newly expanded machinery and our excellently trained team, we can solve complex and difficult tasks for you in a short time and with the quality you require.

Our customers include companies from our Stuttgart / Mittlerer-Neckar region, in Baden-Württemberg and throughout Germany. We have made a name for ourselves beyond the borders of our country.

Bicycle hubs

The hub is the center and therefore the heart of a wheel. We take particular care in the precise manufacture of the bearing seats. The hub bodies are manufactured from solid material in several steps. This allows us to almost completely eliminate the stresses that remain in the material in forged or die-cast parts, for example.

Only high-quality bearings from European production are used for our hubs. We also attach particular importance to the correct sealing of the bearing. This ensures a long service life with low-maintenance handling.


We also supply our bicycle hubs and complete wheels with special customer requirements.

  • Polishing
  • Anodizing (also different colors)
  • Gilding
  • Labeling


Different-coloured spoke nipples and hubs, laser-engraved personalized with your own lettering and much more.

Write us your ideas and we will try to realize them.

Unique items for creative athletes and with manageable additional costs. By optimizing our processes, we can already achieve this with individual parts.

We have excellent local partners with whom we have been working closely for many years.